Health and Nutrition

Our Approach

How do we proceed?

Everyone is different, so every treatment is tailor-made. We discuss your personal situation during a consultation, which is the starting point for our dietary and dietary advice. This means that we include your current health, current eating and living habits and medical data in our treatment. We also ask you about your wishes and expectations. We then set a realistic and achievable goal together with you, together with a treatment plan.

And further?

During a number of follow-up appointments, we help you learn new dietary habits. With practical nutritional advice we also help you to overcome your pitfalls and bad habits. We know that changing your diet and lifestyle is difficult. And remember that as a dietitian we are not as strict as you may think. With respect for your situation, we give you the support you need.

For interim questions we are always available by mail or telephone.

Visit at home

If you are unable to come to one of our locations (for example due to your complaint or illness), we can also come to your home.