Health and Nutrition


Do you know the power of healthy eating?

Nutrition is an important part of our lives, a life without food and drink is unthinkable. It is not only the fuel that keeps us moving daily; Nutrition is important throughout our lives.
Good nutrition forms the basis for your health, also for later.
That is the power of healthy eating.

What does healthy eating do to you?

Good nutrition ensures that you feel fit and healthy and therefore you are mentally and physically balanced. Good nutrition can also mean that you need less medication and that you feel less sick. It is never too late to live healthier: nutrition is important throughout your life, from young to old.

Do you want to know what is healthy for you?

Which food is important to you depends on your age and your health situation. At Diëtisten Friesland we advise you what healthy eating means to you personally. Customization, therefore, whether it is about weight loss or an adapted diet for a (chronic) disease.

And now .. are we going to work together?

We are happy to give you practical nutritional advice, focused on your personal situation. We continue to coach you because we know that you need that little bit of support. And we will be happy with your result if we see what healthy food does to you.
In short: We are ready. You too?